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Anna's Mission

Everyone deserves to dance.


Anna Paterson

Anna Paterson is a current Master of Fine Arts candidate at Florida State University. They hold a Bachelor of Science in Dance Education from Hofstra University and is a certified K-12 New York Dance Educator. Throughout their early life they learned in the importance of a healthy and holistic dance education. 
Paterson is the former dance educator at MS 158 in Bayside Queens, a magnet school for the arts and sciences and the former head of dance at Rutgers Preparatory School in Somerset, New Jersey from March of 2021 through June of 2022.

Education Mission

In my teaching, my goal is to cultivate a dance community that not only embraces the joy of movement but also enhances kinesthetic awareness, physical fitness, and leadership skills through a comprehensive approach to dance education, addressing the mind, body, and soul. While technical training supports physical development, lessons in dance history and anatomy stimulate intellectual engagement, complemented by collaborative activities, mindfulness practices, and socially-emotionally focused teaching to nourish the soul.

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